Happy New Year 2017

  Christmas has passed, the decorations are once again stored away, and inspiration is restored as everyone makes an effort to start fresh for the new year.  Before winter is over, here are a few things you might want to experience a few more times before planning your summer vacation. Play in the snow as … Continue reading Happy New Year 2017

12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 4 Nostalgic Crafts to Create with Your Kids This Holiday Season

I love these creative projects reminiscent of my childhood. Found this wonderful site thanks to a link party and just had to share. Hope it brings a few smiles and inspires you to find one activity to implement during this busy season. Merry Christmas! #fdflinkparty

The Nostalgia Diaries

4-nostalgic-craftsSo looking at this post, you might be saying to yourself, “Crafts?  CRAFTS!? I don’t have time for no stinkin’ crafts! I have shopping and cooking and cleaning and shopping and errands and cleaning and shopping and . . .” 

Whoa there! I get it. The days leading up to Christmas can be hectic. Stressful. Out of control. How can you possibly take the time to make Christmas crafts?

Our suggestion? Take a step back, take a breather, slow it down, get you (and your kiddos) off their phones or Xboxs, and spend an hour or two together cutting and coloring and pasting and laughing and talking and singing and connecting.  Because crafting with your kids is really not about making the crafts, it’s about creating memories. Because when they are gone and out of the house and perhaps starting their own families, are they going to look…

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The Other Mother-Confronting An Abusive Parent and Why It Is Your Business

Her words were so cruel I thought I must have heard wrong. I was rushing through Target to get some inexpensive flip-flops to wear around the house and had just begun scanning the shoe aisle when I… Source: The Other Mother-Confronting An Abusive Parent and Why It Is Your Business   Thoughts added by Dynamically … Continue reading The Other Mother-Confronting An Abusive Parent and Why It Is Your Business

Christmas Books for Babies

This is a fabulous blog! I recommend checking out the awesome books that would make great gifts this Christmas! You might also enjoy https://babysbooksandbubblesohmy.blogspot.com


If you follow my blog, you know that I love children’s literature and doing themed activities with kiddos. I have lots of great winter holiday books in my collection from when I was an elementary school teacher, but none that are appropriate for my fifteen month old son. When seeking out books that are developmentally appropriate for my young toddler, I look for simple, short, large print text, one scene per page, bright, colorful illustrations with high contrast and opportunities for naming, rhyming, counting and sound effects. Board books are optimal, but some board books are too busy and long with too much text. Books for babies and toddlers need to be short, quick reads!

I’ve been on a mission to build my son’s Christmas library. I love reading to him about new and different things, especially things he sees within his environment to help him make mental connections. For instance…

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What Can Parents Do about School Violence?

A timely message. We can learn from these insights.

confident parents confident kids

what can i do sandy hook illust 001

Because a school shooting happened this morning five minutes away from my home and I can hear the roar of helicopters over my head, I am doing what I can do… publishing an article about what we – each of us – can do to prevent these very preventable tragedies from ever occurring again. My love goes out to all of those impacted by the shooting at The Ohio State University this morning and to all those impacted by school shootings in the past. I know we can do better for our children and our communities. 

Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body.
– Elizabeth Stone

And this is the very reason why the events of school shootings shake us all to the core. Because it is our very exposed heart that has…

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Tips for Positive Advocacy in A World of Social Media

Word press is forever giving me the challenges I need as I struggle to figure out its format. Try as I might to import my file tonight, this blog refused to show what needed to be shown. But that's OK because my difficulties fit right in with the theme of my article.  So I hope … Continue reading Tips for Positive Advocacy in A World of Social Media

The Art of Subtle Advocacy ~ Part II

The Art of Subtle Advocacy ~ Part I  was posted on October 16, 2016.  In that post I discussed an observation I had during a visit to my child's pediatric clinic.  A librarian visits each week to share books, toys, and games for the children who are waiting to be seen by the doctor.  The … Continue reading The Art of Subtle Advocacy ~ Part II

World of Writer Mom Challenges

  Graphic attributed to: http://cluster003.ovh.net/~ourgames/wd/images/portfolio/grafika-2d/szkic-magic-typewriter.jpg Acknowledgment and Appreciation I want to give a special shout out to all the moms, dads, and caregivers who work so hard to parent and write.  See, writing is so much more than a hobby or a way to pass time.  Writing is often a way to make a living … Continue reading World of Writer Mom Challenges