Who am I?

I am mom to three children ages 14, 11, and 8.  Three years ago a visit to our neighborhood park lead to an extended trip across six states, loss of employment, and ultimately our relocation to another state.  It’s a fabulous story and I will gladly share it with you. Check out my post for “Back Story for Book#2.” https://dynamicallybalancedparenting.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/back-story-for-book-2-four-ninety-and-countingas-the-sparks-fly-upward/     My last gig as a Lead Infant Teacher was one of my favorites.  I also enjoy presenting workshops to teachers of the Birth – Age 3 population.

Inspiring parents is a fantastic mission. I love to give parents and their children compliments when I observe their awesome interactions.  A family or child may need that compliment to add a little happiness to their day. As someone who has felt the sting of criticism over my parenting decisions and view points, I have decided to make sure none of my posts imply that any recommendations, reviews, techniques, or strategies are the “only” ones that will allow you to achieve parental nirvana.  There are many resources from which you can pick and choose.

Each child, parent, and family is unique.  Please know that you can hand pick what you want to try or share your ideas for what has worked for you.  Any comments that criticize another reader’s view will be summarily deleted.  The purpose of this blog is to encourage collaboration and inspire others.  Parenting is a hard job; one that is frequently picked apart by well-intentioned individuals.  This is not the place to display that you are “right” in your journey and someone else is “wrong.”  If you are easily offended or take things too personally, please skip this blog site.

Whatever resources I choose to display are for the benefit of whomever finds them helpful.  Not every article will be geared toward your interests.  Rest assured, somewhere someone will breathe a sigh of relief if they find a treasure among the trove of resources I locate.  If I find something of interest, it will be labeled, titled, commented upon, and attributed to the rightful sources.  What you choose to do with it from there is totally up to you.  You are ultimately your child’s best resource, and only you can determine if it is helpful or needs a “thank you, but I’ll pass on this one.” Please be sure to include your health care provider (Pediatrician, Family Doctor/Nurse, Therapists) in your quest for answers.  For ideas on how to assemble your own Resource Team, please see future posts in the “Advocacy” section title “The Mother Freakin’ (Parent) Hood”.

Work Experiences:

I  worked as a Child Development/Early Intervention Specialist and Community Outreach Coordinator for almost 7 years with UTMB-Department of Pediatrics at Galveston, Texas. ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) Project L.A.U.N.C.H was so much more than a job.  It was a career that provided me with a tremendous sense of pride in our mission and the resources necessary to guide me later as a parent.   I found our work especially rewarding as we  encouraged parents to become advocates for their children’s medical and educational needs. My experiences have included teaching Birth– Age 3 in early learning environments and managing a large Infant/Toddler Child Development Program in Heidelberg, Germany for Army Child Development Services.  I also taught as an adjunct instructor (Child Development 101) for Big Bend Community College in Mannheim, Germany


Stay at Home Mom, Writer, Child Development Specialist, Early Childhood Intervention Advocate


Marketing Programs for Children and Special Needs Populations including Adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Writing Training Materials for Child Development Staff, NAEYC-Europe Conference Workshop Presenter for Early Childhood Development Staff

Writer/Author/Publisher at:

World of Writer Mom  https://worldofwritermom.blogspot.com

Dynamically Balanced Parenting ~ Our Ever Changing Adventures

Four-Ninety and Holding ~ As the Sparks Fly Upward (A Novel about forgiveness, recovery from a spouse’s addiction, self-advocacy, and the surprise of life’s reinventions.) https://fourninetyandholding.blogspot.com/2016/06/four-ninety-and-holding-chapter-one.html

A Place for Infants (A Resource book for Parents, Teachers, and Program Directors responsible for Infant Care Programs) https://aplaceforinfants.blogspot.com

Reflections Beneath The Poetz Tree (Parenting Observations, Insights, and Personal Inspirations – Presented with a Touch of Humor)   https://poetztree.blogspot.com

Baby’s Books and Bubbles, Oh My!  (Encouraging Early Literacy) https://babysbooksandbubblesohmy.blogspot.com

The Mother Freakin’ (Parent) Hood
(Parenting Observations, Inspirations, Time Management, Communication, and Advocacy)  https://motherfreakinhood.blogspot.com

Monkey Bars, Mud Pies, and Movement (Encouraging Family Health and Wellness)   https://monkeybarsmudpiesandmovement.blogspot.com                                          

Available for Conference and Workshop Presentations.


University of Maryland – European Campus – Graduated with BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) degree. Completed Internship with 130th MEDCOM Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany Early Childhood Intervention Exceptional Family Member Services (EFMS)

Over 20 Years of Child Development Experience and Training including:

Direct Care/Classroom Management/Lead Teacher/Child Care Full and Part Day Program Director/Manager/Trainer

Prior experience as an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor for Aerobics/Personal Trainer  Studied Anatomy/Physiology at Galveston Community College



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