Christmas Books for Babies

This is a fabulous blog! I recommend checking out the awesome books that would make great gifts this Christmas! You might also enjoy


If you follow my blog, you know that I love children’s literature and doing themed activities with kiddos. I have lots of great winter holiday books in my collection from when I was an elementary school teacher, but none that are appropriate for my fifteen month old son. When seeking out books that are developmentally appropriate for my young toddler, I look for simple, short, large print text, one scene per page, bright, colorful illustrations with high contrast and opportunities for naming, rhyming, counting and sound effects. Board books are optimal, but some board books are too busy and long with too much text. Books for babies and toddlers need to be short, quick reads!

I’ve been on a mission to build my son’s Christmas library. I love reading to him about new and different things, especially things he sees within his environment to help him make mental connections. For instance…

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