Tips for Positive Advocacy in A World of Social Media

Word press is forever giving me the challenges I need as I struggle to figure out its format. Try as I might to import my file tonight, this blog refused to show what needed to be shown. But that’s OK because my difficulties fit right in with the theme of my article.  So I hope you will consider skipping over to my other blog site and take a look.  If you are skilled at Word Press and are inclined to offer some advice, I am very willing to listen to your recommendations.

It’s funny (ironic) that sometimes my posts here go well with minimal issues, yet other times no amount of finagling can produce what I envision.  I will simply consider these moments another lesson in patience and resiliency.  Someday I’ll laugh that this was such a huge learning curve.  For now, I will continue to work on my technique and find other ways to share my thoughts.

I appreciate all of you who have continued to encourage and support me by “liking”, “tweeting”, and “sharing” the articles you enjoy.  Your support means the world to me!

Today’s Insights can be found at:

See the page for “Positive Advocacy in A World of Social Media” and click on that topic

A Special Request

If you don’t have the time or inclination to read my article, please at least scroll down to the photo and post written by Ruthi Davis.  It is well worth a few moments to absorb something positive.  Her insights just could offer the inspiration you need to get through your day.  I know that’s what inspired me to write my article.

Kindest Regards,



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