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I want to give a special shout out to all the moms, dads, and caregivers who work so hard to parent and write.  See, writing is so much more than a hobby or a way to pass time.  Writing is often a way to make a living while having a built-in therapy session.  Writing is as necessary to us as breathing in a deep, cleansing breath of clean air. Without writing, our lungs become clogged and foggy, leaving little room for respiration to occur. Our brains risk dying from lack of inspiration.  Writing is the blood that flows through our works in progress, the umbilical cord to our literary babies.  Writing Communities are…

My List of Ten

  1.  An opportunity to delve into subject matters that fuel our inspirations.
  2.  A reprieve from the daily parenting tasks that we often put on automatic pilot.
  3.  An intervention of peers who talk you off the ledge of insanity.
  4.  Honest feedback pushing you toward better communication skills via your craft.
  5.  Places where you can network and collaborate with others who are passionate, professional, and financially smart writers.
  6. A conduit for exchange of ideas, heated discussions, disagreements, and resolution of critical concerns in our field.
  7. Safe places to vent, receive and offer constructive criticism, and explore provocative topics.
  8.  A great way for introverts to ease into the traffic of social media with the support of those more comfortable with this marketing method.
  9. Therapeutic.  Connecting with other humans is an important component of recognizing our varied world experiences.  Our characters may mirror the consequences of our comfort zones.  Exposure to other view points may help expand our range of characters and create richer environments for our creative processes.
  10. It helps to validate our collective challenges as we balance parenting our human babies with our literary babies.  Seeing them grow and develop brings incredible joy along with the possibility of future rewards.


I have been impressed, inspired, and encouraged to continue toward my own writing goals by so many amazing, talented individuals in the literary field.  Pushing myself to join, comment, and receive feedback from these groups has been one of the best decisions I could have made.  Those close to me have always known of my love of writing and getting published.  But the intimate and difficult details of writing are things that only other writers can understand.  The insights and progress I have made since joining writers groups have been worth my time and effort to connect.  I look forward to continuing those connections and I am confident that when I do publish my novel, those individuals will be cheering for me as I have cheered for them.

Whatever your interests, it can be validating to connect with others who share those interests.  In the process, you will expand your own view of the world, see how others frame their experiences, and become a better communicator once you begin to understand how people interact and what inspires them.  The key is to be open to the possibility that your views will be challenged, you may feel a need to defend your position, and there may be times when you don’t agree with members within the group.

There are some ways to increase your satisfaction with the experience.  My next post will focus on a few ways to deal with conflict, communicate in a respectful manner, provide feedback in a way that is helpful to the receiver, and how to accept feedback with grace and dignity.  These concepts are often challenging and becomes less stressful with practice.  I look forward to sharing these ideas with you, because many of the concepts can be related back to the dynamic balance that defines parenting.

As we wind down our week, I wish you peace of mind, a way to reduce your stress, and moments of inspiration to guide your daily activities.  You are invited to share your insights here and pass them along to others where appropriate.

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9 thoughts on “World of Writer Mom Challenges

  1. What a substantial post! Love all the thoughtful content you put into it.

    I do some freelance writing and also organize a local writer’s group. Our group is just over a year old and it has been such a blessing and honor to organize! Writers are really insightful folks, and I think it’s great to be in each other’s company :).

    I wish I was freelancing more, but my writing (aside from the group) has taken a back seat to my Etsy business. I hope when my youngest child gets a little older I will have more time to focus equally on both.

    Thank you for sharing this! Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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