Sensory Bags

I am so happy to have found this incredible, professional Speech Therapist and Mom Blogger! Our interests are compatible and I will definitely promote her posts on my Baby’s Books and Bubbles blog site. I have worked with SLP’s in an Early Childhood Intervention program, and their knowledge helped me become a better teacher and mom.


In the festive spirit of Halloween, I decided to make a spider sensory bag for my one year old son. Sensory bags are fun to use with kiddos in therapy, so I thought I would see what my little man would do with one. Sensory bags provide a great multi-sensory experience for littles. They use their senses of touch, hearing and sight to mush, squish, move, crunch and feel different textures. They are also good for children with sensory integration difficulties as they allow them to experience items and textures that they may otherwise reject. My favorite thing about sensory bags is the language you can incorporate into play with them. There is so much you can do to support language skills. You can talk about the feel, colors, shapes, sizes, categories, make letters/words/designs, work on naming and vocabulary and following directions. They are also easy and inexpensive to make…

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