The Pathway to Our Kids’ Well-being and Anecdote to Violence – A Must-Read Book

I’m definitely going to purchase this book.

confident parents confident kids

Summer reading pic 001‘It’s impossible not to be changed on the inside after being at the Seeds of Peace Camp,’ a refugee from Somalia told me (writer, Michele Borba). ‘Once you see that other people have the same worries and fears, you start to feel with them, and everything inside you turns upside down. You never go back to the way you were before you came.’

Michele Borba begins her book by recounting a trip to a camp that recruited teenagers from war-torn areas and brought them to one central location to build IMG_1518-2their sense of connectedness to one another. She cites powerful research on the camp that showed that not only were the teenagers’ attitudes changed by the end of the camp with more caring, understanding thoughts and actions toward others but they retained that focus in their home communities one year later. Dr. Borba confirms, in the brand new book, UnSelfie…

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