Sibling bonds

I highly recommend this new blog. It is insightful and heart warming.

Mommy's Inner Warrior

I’ve always been eternally grateful for my relationship with my older sister, Rachel. Somehow, being almost 6 years apart made it easier for us to stay close over the years. I remember when we were younger she would let me tag along with her and her friends when they went out to eat or went bowling sometimes. I felt so cool hanging with the older kids. We had a bit of a rocky patch when I was in middle school (and I take full responsibility for that) but, luckily, we were able to get back to where we were.


When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, Jordan was about the same age as Rachel was when my mother was pregnant with me. With that same age difference, I prayed that my children would be as close as Rachel and I are. I worried about Jordan being jealous of the new…

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