My Mother’s Connection to Nancy Reagan

Today I read the New York Times post that reported Nancy Reagan has died at age 94.
Nancy Reagan personally helped my mother make sure we got concurrent travel and housing in 1985 when we arrived in Heidelberg, Germany. My mother wrote a letter to Mrs. Reagan because the military wouldn’t guarantee my father could be with us to fly to Germany for our relocation. Mrs. Reagan received that letter.  My mother received a personal call from Mrs. Reagan’s assistant and explained her concerns about traveling overseas alone with 6 children. She asked for reassurance that our large family of 8 would have housing upon our arrival. My mother received a letter from the White House with the personal number to Mrs. Reagan’s assistant if she had any problems. We did get approved for concurrent travel and let’s just say it was a very good thing my mother had the personal number to Mrs. Reagan’s assistant when we got to the housing office. My mom didn’t let my father know what she was doing and he came home from work one day asking my mom what she had done. My mom was totally a bad ass for what she did. Mrs. Reagan really came through for her as one mother to another. RIP Nancy Reagan. You made a difference for our family and we will forever remember you!
This is the original post from the New York Times on my Face Book feed:

Breaking News: Nancy Reagan has died at 94. The wife of the 40th president of the United States unabashedly put Ronald Reagan at the center of her life but became a political figure in her own right.

Mrs. Reagan was a fierce guardian of her husband’s image, sometimes at the expense of her own, and a trusted adviser to Ronald Reagan.|By Lou Cannon

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