Finding A New Home for My Work

Moving to a new blog format feels very much like moving into a new home or starting a new job. Sometimes that decision to move can be difficult even when it feels necessary. The process of transferring your personal possessions involves so much more than “things.” My brother and his family are in the process of packing to move right now, and my brother said it’s not the things that matter…it’s the memories. He’s right! It was three years ago this month that I ended up in a precarious situation that lead to my three children and I being evicted from our apartment. (I’ll post a story about that later.) The first thing I worried about when I saw all of our earthly, material possessions in the parking lot was, “At least I already moved our photos to the storage unit.” I just wanted to preserve those visual reminders of our family’s history. I feel that this move to a new blog site is somewhat bittersweet. I designed and wrote blog posts on three sites over the past 5 years. I love reading over them to help me remember what interested me, something my children said or did, and how I handled some very challenging situations. Throughout that time, I have felt supported by my community of parents, peers, and writers who were so great about sharing experiences, offering words of encouragement, and collaborating on our special projects. My three blogs are like my babies, and I have watched them grow and evolve to the point it’s time to provide a new home. It’s been a while since I have written for my blogs. I have had many family related projects and appointments which required my attention before recreating a new blog site. Now that I am ready to launch this new site, I would like to share my thoughts on how I anticipate this will go down.
1. It’s going to take me a while to “unpack” and set up my new home.
2. It’s going to feel a little strange for a while until I get accustomed to the difference in layout, format, and tools of the trade.
3. This new system will have its own learning curve. I’ll need to allow myself time to adjust and be patient with the process.
4. I will have moments of pure frustration to the point I will question my decision to move. I’ll need to work through that.
5. “Decorating” my new home and adding those personal, homey touches is going to be an ongoing, slowly evolving process.
6. Eventually everything will start to fall into place, and a feeling of contentment will breathe new life into the writing I love.
7. I will reach that sweet spot; you know, that point where you are sure that the right decision was made, you’re happy with your new home, and you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.
So as I move forward with this new adventure, I’d like to invite you to share this experience with me. This is going to be a fabulous year. I have 10 Chapters written for my novel based on real life experiences currently titled, “Four-Ninety and Holding.” I will be sharing bits and pieces of the novel as I work towards its completion. You will have opportunities to offer feedback and share comments on various topics in addition to having a first peek at the book. If you’ve been following any of my other blogs posts, I hope you will join me at my new location. If you are new to this site, we welcome you. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and share a moment with us. Thanks for being a part of this adventure and the inspiration I find each day to make this dream a reality!


One thought on “Finding A New Home for My Work

  1. Reblogged this on Dynamically Balanced Parenting and commented:

    So I’ve been at this new blog site for a few weeks now. (Since January 26, 2016) and I am learning how to navigate the twists and turns. I’ve managed to stay calm when my posts and pages have vanished, remained steady though frustrated when I have been unable to copy and paste the way I could on blogspot, and succeeded in launching my First Chapter Reveal with Chapter 2 due in 4 Days! It’s not perfect. It’s often messy. There are no easy steps toward mastering this site in a quick manner. (At least for me…it takes me a while to figure out the quirks.) But like any parenting experience, my ability to balance the frustration with the rewards is ever-changing. The “Dynamic Balance” requires shifting, readjusting, reevaluating, and creating new ways to manage the challenges each day. My Human Babies have presented some challenges since this project began, but those moments are more manageable now that I have made an effort to give myself creative time to do what I need to as well. Sometimes the ever changing balance needs to happen through planned moments. Other times that balance shifts to accommodate emergencies and unexpected detours. Whatever happens this year, I am hopeful that I have started on the journey I must take to achieve something I have dreamed about for a long time. A “Dynamically Balanced” wprld where my Human Babies and Literary Babies can co-exist; knowing I have enough love and attention to share. I invite you to follow this site and feel free to share your personal insights and inspirations as well. This will be a great year…even when the brakes go out on the mini-van as you go careening into a four stop, busy street. (Happened this week. Brakes are now fixed. There’s a blog post in that adventure too. Stay tuned.) Have a wonderful week!


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